About eSports Botswana

eSports Botswana is an initiative to bring awereness to a new trend in technology and to create exciting, competitive and fun events for the Botswana gaming community.

Our programs are designed to explore the potential of virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D gaming in sports and entertainment, commonly known as eSports. We believe this will broaden interest and use of technology and similar resources, and ultimately drive increased adoption of STEM-based activities in sports, business and learning.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan has ten key result areas:

  1. Empowering members for success
  2. Innovating and changing to meet member needs
  3. Building a Positive image for competitiveness
  4. Guide others through change. Helping the companies, sponsors, patrons to infuse emerging technology to their work plan.
  5. Through team work, we guide our members how best to realize their roles in order to achieve recognition for their talents.
  6. Fostering an environment that encourages competitiveness, creativity, risk taking, and growth in others. We allow our members to go ahead, plan and execute their workshops and tournaments. Our annual Festivals are designed to provide our members the opportunity to perform and showcase their talents to the nation.
  7. To provide a clear path way on how to make use of best practices
  8. Recognises and appreciates the contribution of others - donations from other organizations
  9. Accepts shared responsibility and ownership of projects
  10. Utilizes skills, abilities and strengths of individuals within group

We need your help

How to get involved

  1. Join the newsletter where you will learn about the people engaged in the project, the research and instruction in Botswana that are using these new technologies, upcoming events and hands-on workshops, and more!
  2. Register to attend upcoming hands-on workshops on eSports, Mobile Augmented Reality, and more! Or, request a group workshop on-demand.

Why ESports?

The esports community in Botswana has existed since 2010 and they have been competing in various online forums across console and PC platforms. Moreover, their desire to compete at a national level became apparent with the worldwide appeal of eSports. We want to organize competitive esports events and tournaments to raise awareness and enable the Bots community to share their passion for esports as platforms, technology and conventions evolve.

Why Sponsor Us?

As a youth initiative, we have the need for expanding technologies, space and staff expertise in esports technologies to support the growing esports community and ensure our resources are widely available. For example, we need consumer and professional grade:

  • Gaming systems, large-format visualization and display, and staff expertise
  • Gaming seats, Cockpits and racing simulators
  • Video recording equipment, editing software, and staff expertise
  • VR systems such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard
  • AR systems such as Hololens and Zappar

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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